School Info

Pre-Ballet – Ages 3-6
An excellent introduction to the joy of dance. An initiation in Ballet, rhythm and movement. Encourages the young child to discover expression and creativity while developing physical coordination and self-confidence.

Ballet – Ages 6-Adults
The foundation of all forms of dance. Classical ballet teaches the students grace, posture, discipline, rhythm and self confidence. Students are introduced to French terminology while learning basic barre, Port-de-bras and allegre techniques.

Pointe – Advanced level (By teacher recommendation only).

Jazz – Ages 6-Adults
A unique American form of dance influenced by contemporary musical styles. Classes include stretching exercises, jazz technique and movement combinations, funk and hip-hop movement are used in the routines.

Tap Dance – Ages 6-Adults
A fun and challenging form of American dance. Learn tap technique while developing a keen sense of rhythm and coordination.

Dance Companies – Ages 6-Adults
For serious dancers. This special dance troupe practices a minimum of 4-1/2 hours a week to participate in this program. The group of dancers will perform several local dance competitions and participate in selected events. (By audition only)

Private Lessons – All Ages
Available at $30.00 per 1/2 hour for extra technique assistance or to learn a routine for competition. (Limited enrollment)

Dance Attire

Ballet – Plain leotard, dance tights, hair should be combed away from face and neck and secured in a net bun. (Pink Ballet Slippers)

Jazz – The same as above (Black Jazz shoes)

Tap – The same as above (Black Tap shoes)

Ballet – Gym shorts, white t-shirt, white socks. (Black Ballet Slippers

Jazz – The same as above (Black Jazz shoes)

Tap – The same as above (Black Tap shoes)

Ballet – Plain leotard, dance tights, Pink or Black Slippers with elastic, hair should be secured in a net bun.

Jazz – Plain leotard, dance tights, or Top with Jazz pants, Black Ballet slippers or Black Jazz shoes.

Tap – Plain leotard, dance tights, or Top with Jazz pants, or hot pants Black Tap shoes.



Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class. Please make every effort to have your child attend every class. Classes are limited in size with a space just for you, therefore, no credit or refunds are given for missed classes.

Policy and Procedures

  • No gum chewing in class.
  • No soft drinks in the classroom.
  • No jewelry worn in class.
  • Mark all dance shoes and bag with the students name (Studio is not responsible for lost items)
  • Studio phone is for emergency only.
  • Pick-up children shortly after their class has ended.
  • Small children must be picked up inside the studio.