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Love to David! You’re the best! Your friend, Frank Hatchett.
Frank Hatchett, Master Jazz Teacher, Dean of Dance of Broadway Dance Center.

Dear David, keep loving the ballet. It’s been wonderful knowing you! Dorothy Lister.
Dorothy Lister, former soloist from Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, broadway dancer, and Joffrey Ballet School teacher.

David Vilner is the person that with his passion for dance transmited me this special stinct to be able express through my body a natural beauty of the communication without words.

He is a important part of a professional dancer I am today.He is the teacher that taught me the first dance steps and the first vision of a magic world. With David I had the privilege of perform in a stage for the first time, having this unexplainable sensation of being in front of an audience, felling the music invading me, and follow it blindly, in a valse, a pirouette or other dance step. The nervousness before the performance, “Avoir le Trac”, how we say here in France.

“David, you gave me this oportunity. Thank you!”

I remember the first time I went to the DAVID’S DANCE studio and said: “I want to dance!”, and the rest is history…
Josias Torres Galindo, professional dancer, award choreographer, director of COMPANIE GALINDO in Nante, France.